CJG provides a full range of corporate aircraft brokerage and marketing related services.

Exclusive Marketing

The exclusive marketing and sales function is a mainstay of our operation and accounts for nearly two thirds of our transactions. Selling a multi-million dollar corporate aircraft is a complex task that is wrought with potential pitfalls, both legal and financial. Furthermore, it’s an activity that can easily overwhelm a flight department whose chief function is the safe operation of the aircraft. By contrast, CJG’s primary focus is to promote and sell corporate aircraft while maximizing price and mitigating risk. We call upon our vast experience in a multitude of transactions to guide and represent the customer in all aspects of the marketing and sales process. There are a myriad of tasks that contribute to a successful sale. Several of the fundamental actions that CJG will undertake on behalf of the customer include:

  • Reporting on current market conditions and establishing a target value.
  • Producing custom marketing materials for distribution.
  • Devising and implementing a comprehensive marketing plan utilizing targeted advertising, the internet and direct mail.
  • Generating leads, fielding calls and qualifying prospects.
  • Reviewing, producing and negotiating contracts and other necessary documentation.
  • Representing the client at showings, demonstrations and during the closing process.

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Aircraft Acquisition

The time to seek expert counsel is prior to making a multi-million dollar purchase. Remarkably, large numbers of aircraft buyers frequently ignore this basic precept. A prudent purchaser can avoid costly missteps by engaging the services of a competent broker. Attention to detail, reasoned analysis and adept deal making skills are but a few of the attributes that CJG will bring to bear as an exclusive aircraft acquisition agent. Whether the client is a first-time-buyer or a seasoned operator, CJG will bring invaluable insight and experience to the aircraft selection and acquisition process. Among the integral functions that CJG will provide include:

  • Assisting with aircraft type selection by furnishing and analyzing comparative technical and operational data.
  • Evaluating market conditions utilizing current survey data and recent sales.
  • Identifying purchase opportunities through persistent research and calculated action.
  • Directing the negotiating and contracting phases of the transaction.
  • Coordinating and managing pre-purchase inspections and maintenance operations as needed.

Please contact CJG to receive a comprehensive Aircraft Acquisition Proposal.

Desk Top Appraisals and Ad Hoc Services

The corporate aircraft markets are dynamic. CJG is constantly analyzing the markets seeking to identify trends and keeping abreast of current values. This ongoing analysis is an invaluable resource to our clients. We are happy to provide periodic “desk top” appraisals to our customers, new and old.

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